Thursday, February 02, 2006

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz…and now a word from our sponsor

My husband and I suffer each morning.
It is terrible.
It is horrible.
I can barely write the words to describe it, but here I go.

Each morning we actually have to leave our bed. There, I said it.
Maybe it is a deadly sin I am participating in: Sloth.

It is a daily struggle because we invested in a Select Comfort bed last year. I say invested because comfort apparently has a price but when you consider health problems it is wise to invest in quality.

It all started with those crazy commercials about “sleep numbers” and “adjustable settings”. I disregarded them as a fad until my own doctor recommended that I seriously consider this purchase due to my arthritis. My hubby and I did our research: the cost, the statistics of pain relief, could it hold up to children jumping on it and the fact that our old mattress was 10 years old.

They offered us a 30 day trial with free delivery and set up. It was too good to pass up so one fine day our bed was delivered.

We spent a week playing around with our “numbers”.

That was the sound of the inflation and deflation of our new “toy”.

Within two weeks I was sleeping through the night and waking up with less discomfort.
They really should put a warning on the bed:
“Warning, this bed results in side effects of: comfort, fluffiness and general
happiness. Use of this product during the day can result in decreased
I usually don’t promote items on my blog but when something is good, I like to share it with the world.

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