Tuesday, September 20, 2005

How could they?

Imagine my shock that the former priest, Charles Curran, is slated for a special speaking engagement in Rochester, New York. I am disappointed, stunned and quite angry at this recent action by members of this diocese.

Charles Curran dissented in 1968 in his very public, and hurtful, statements against the Catholic Church and the writings in the encyclical Humanae Vitae. Apparently the Church’s teaching, in its roots from the Bible, hasn’t convinced Curran that premarital sex, masturbation, contraception, abortion, homosexuality, divorce, euthanasia, and in virtro fertilization are not morally permissible. In addition, he continues to proclaim the Gospel in the name of Christianity? Is that what Christ would have said? “Oh, but this is the 21st Century so disregard my previous directions. You go ahead and live anyway you like, my Father will understand.”

I don’t think so.

There are so many speakers out there that can fill the hearts of the Catholic community with the Gospel, Sacramental guidance and the promotion of human dignity. Why then are we wasting time with an ex-priest who holds nothing but contempt for the Church? Is it in the interest of creating controversy? If that indeed is the reason then I say we are not biting. We are too smart to let the ideas of this man enter our head and tempt us with a lifestyle that is not fit for any Christian man or women.

The journey to our Lord is difficult; He never said it would be easy. To accept Curran’s so called teachings is to take the easy road. Curran’s road may lead us to fill our “desires” but not to live out the will of God.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

31 years young...

So, I am 31 years old now.
No fighting it anymore.
It is a reality I will have to live with.
I am getting older.

On a positive note, the presents are getting even better. :o)

My very thoughtful husband got the whole family to chip in a buy me a Kitchen Aid mixer. Oh yes, my dream present for 5 years. An Almond Cream, 5 qt. mixer with 3 attachments. This thing is so fancy you could ride it to town.

I love to cook, but mostly I like to bake. Cookies, pies, breads, you name it! And now I have this wonderful mixer to help me on my way.

Then I got thinking. Was this gift completely altruistic? I don't think so. It occurred to me that I hear the following comments often "Aunt Lynnie, you make the best Apple Pie ever!", "Gee Lynn, I think this cake was even better than the last one.", "Hey Lynn are you making Christmas cookies this year, or maybe a Black Bottom Pie?". Altruistic my foot! The "Lewandowski Bakery" has already gotten several requests.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

I also got the most beautiful gold necklace from my parents. My father hand picked it out and it has Our Lady of the Brown Scapular on one side and the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the other. I've never owned a piece of jewelry that will allow me to witness to my faith just by wearing it. (Of course, I have to limit how I wear it. Stephen, now 9 months old, is grabbing for everything.) The fact that my father picked it out tells me two things: He has incredible taste and he knew what gift would be so precious to me.

We celebrated with the entire family, minus my sis who lives in NYC (boo hoo, sniff), and it was so wonderful for my everyone to be together. My in laws, my parents, my husband and kiddos and my oldest sis and her family.

What a way to usher in my 31st year. I am blessed. Not worthy, but blessed.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Learning about detachment through preschool

Today was Isabella’s first day of preschool.
Last year I was a basket case, this year I am just reflective. She is now going 3 days a week (instead of 2) and this morning has been very interesting.

I listened to the radio quietly. I didn’t have to compete with the “Princess Tea” audio tape.
I cleaned my kitchen until it is sparkling clean.
I even washed the floor and there are still no little footprints on it.
I had a 20 minute phone conversation without one “Mom, Mom, Mom, EXCUSE ME! MOM!”
Baby Stephen and I had one on one play time together. I spoiled him with my attention and he seems to really like it.
I am actually posting to my Blog, which I haven’t done in weeks.
I am showered, relaxed and the baby is sleeping soundly.

But something is definitely missing. God has put my beautiful daughter in my life and when she isn’t near I know something is not right. As a mother I cherish each moment with her but it has taken her absence for me to realize how special my days with her are. Her constant singing can rival that of an angels choir (although I don’t know if they sing about Beauty and the Beast in Heaven). Her bouncing around makes me dizzy but at least there is laughter in my day. The constant hugs are a feast for the spirit.

I am grateful that she is in preschool, meeting new friends and playing. (And at least the teachers get to clean up the mess of paints for a change.) But I have to admit, I am looking forward to her coming home.