Sunday, December 01, 2013

First week of Advent...A New Day in the New Liturgical Year.

Today I listened to a song that I just LOVE.

My husband first played this song for me when we were engaged.

Tonight I listened to the words, really TRULY listened with my ears and my heart.

I want to share the song and lyrics because they remind me of the reason for the Advent/Christmas season.


You Are the New Day - King Singers

You are the new day,
You are the new day.
Meekness, love, humility
Come down to us this day:
Christ, your birth has proved to me
You are the new day.

Quiet in a stall you lie,
Angels watching in the sky
Whisper to you from on high:
“You are the new day.”

When our light is darkest night,
Hope has burned away,
Love, your ray of guiding light,
Show us the new day.

Love of all things great and small,
Leaving none, embracing all,
Fold around me where I fall,
Bring in the new day.

This new day will be a turning point
For every one,
If we let the Christ-child in
And reach for the new day.

Christ, the Way, the Truth, the Life,
Healing sadness, ending strife,
You we welcome, Lord of life.
Born on a new day,
You are the new day.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Been a Long Time

Wow - it has been a really, really long time since my last posts. I'm thinking about restarting the blog since my life has changed so much.

My daughter is now 12.

My son is almost 9.

And we have a new baby - and she is almost 7 months.

My journey has changed.

My faith has been a struggle at times, in the last few years, but I'm trying very hard now.

Thanks be to God that I have my constant companion, best friend and husband to help me through navigate rough waters and storms.

I will admit that I have turned to social media for comfort and distraction - something I am working on. I feel as though my blog writing will help me keep my record - without looking to sites to validate or distract me. Only the Lord knows how distracted I am already.

Who knows - maybe I will forget to write more and come and visit my blog in another few years. :)


Here we go...