Thursday, August 31, 2006


I swear, if I have to experience one more “childhood milestone” this week, I am going to have a nervous breakdown.

Isabella turned 5.
Isabella lost her first tooth.
Isabella rode a school bus for the first time today and had her orientation at school.
Stephen crawled out of his crib for the first time today (more like a thump than a crawl)
Stephen said his first sentence “I like that”
Isabella is going to Kindergarten on Wednesday.

No big deal, right? Okay, I am about one step from being a puddle on the ground. That’s right! If you look for me on Wednesday I will be in a corner crying.

Okay, so I exaggerate slightly but seriously, so many changes are happening right now. My little ones are growing up and it is so hard to realize that I am not always going to be the center of it! How pathetic do I sound?

My consolation is that when they are not with me I know God is watching over them and that their Guardian Angels are working overtime.

God has blessed Marc and me with two amazing children and up until now we have been the major part of their lives, especially with Isabella. But now that she is going to “big girl school” she will have teachers, bus drivers and many children to interact with on a daily basis. With Stephen, he is no longer “portable”. He goes where he wants WHEN he wants. His afternoon nap is now a fading memory.

I am grateful they are growing up because that is God’s plan for all children. We are to prepare them for the world and as much as we want to shelter them, they must experience the joys and sorrows of growing up whether we like it or not. We can pick them up and hug them after a fall from the crib. We can share in their excitement as they show us what the Tooth Fairy left them.

It is a roller coaster ride that I never understood until I became a parent.
I am so grateful…and so exhausted! :)

Monday, August 28, 2006

Half a decade...

Happy Birthday Isabella!

It seems like just yesterday that my water broke and Marc was rushing home to take me to the hospital.

Almost 24 hours, 3 epidurals and surgery prep later I heard a throaty cry. It was the most beautiful sound in the world. Isabella was born: 8 pounds 2 ounces, 21 inches long.

What a blessing she has been. She has brought us so much joy. She has taught us love, understanding, patience and the value of life. She came into our life and brought so much meaning.

All the “tough” times have been outweighed by exciting milestones: First teeth, first steps, potty training, first day of preschool, giggles and many, many “I love yous”.

God works in mysterious ways. At one time Marc and I wondered if we would be good parents. We prayed for her while she was in my womb and it is us who have been blessed. God has created a little girl with so much joy, and endless energy, and an innocent outlook on life with so much wonder.

So here we are, 5 years later and it fills me with gratitude and a sense of melancholy. She is growing up. She will enter Kindergarten this year and has two loose teeth!

She is the embodiment of Faith. Children are hopeful and loving and eager to learn. Although it is hard to watch your children grow up, I am thankful for every moment with her.

So today our family is celebrating Isabella’s birth, and all the blessings in our life which have come from that wonderful day!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Out of This World...

Black and white...I am covered in paint.
No, I am not painting my walls.
No, I am not painting my house or the shutters.
I am not even finger-painting with the kids.
I am building a rocket ship.

Isabella's fifth birthday is next week.
Did she choose a Princess Party? Nope. (Much to my pleasure, as I am sick of the Disney Princesses.)
She didn't want Disney, Curious George or any other character themed party.
Isabella wanted a Planet party. No, not a Space party. A PLANET party.
So, for the last 3 weeks I have been searching for all things planets:
Glow in the dark solar systems, check.
Planet pencils, check.
Pin the planet to the solar system game (my own idea), check.
Cut outs of plants for the walls, for decorations, check.

Even though I have searched and searched for all things "Planet" I have made an executive decision to branch out and include other aspects of our vast universe. Rocket ships, three legged alien races and a big moon cake are a few things I have come up with.

Seeing as though I don't have enough to do, I decided to make a rocket ship. That’s right, a huge cardboard craft that the kids can play inside and get their pictures taken in. I thought it would be easy as pie.

Have you tried to build one?

The reason I am writing this in my blog is that I realized, while painting, that I get just as excited about birthdays as my daughter does. I get to go all out for her special day. After all, you only turn five once. As much as I complain about all there is to do, it is important to me to do these special things for my children.

So, next Wednesday I will have 10 guests over to celebrate the birth of my little girl. My little five year old who will be entering Kindergarten next month. It will be fun and exhausting and incredibly loud!

I wouldn't miss one moment of it. Not for all the stars in the sky!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Few Bad Apples...

I am ticked off. No seriously, I am.

My children have pretty bad colds. The usual hacking coughs, runny noses and congestion are to be found in the kiddos along with trails of used tissues.

I popped into a drugstore near me and while there I picked up some Infant Cold and Cough drops. You can imagine my surprise when I was asked for my Drivers License, date of birth and my signature at the checkout. What?! As the line grew behind me I became flustered and very annoyed.

As it turns out our government passed the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act of 2005. (Well, yippee skippy for me.) According to this law any person purchasing any product containing ANY amount of Pseudoephedrine must present identification, address, signature along with the product sold and the amount of this drug in the product.

Are you kidding me?

Apparently, because some junkies like to use and sell methamphetamine, I am made to go through an interrogation in order to buy medicine for my family.

The use of “Meth” is disgusting and I don’t disagree that drug abuse is a serious problem in this country and a financial drain to our society. It tears apart families and friends. As a former drug abuse counselor I understand it and I pity those who suffer from addiction. Addiction is a personal demon that we all struggle with at some point.

However, government regulation of Infant cold drops is not the answer.

If a drug dealer/maker wants to make “Meth” he will find a way. I liken it to gun control. You can create all the laws you want about restricting the purchasing guns, but if a bad guy wants one bad enough (and has enough money) he will get one. It is the law abiding citizen who suffers in the end; filling out endless paperwork and jumping through bureaucratic hoops to register to carry a gun (which of course is a Constitutional right).

I bet the legislators who passed this Act are very proud of themselves. They have one more piece of legislation to put on their website under “accomplishments”.

I can see the fall election campaigns in my head now.

Mr. Joe Legislate the Americans to death is standing there proudly in front of an American flag saying…

“I’m running for Congress. In the last year I was part of a bipartisan effort to limit the amount of Pseudoephedrine in an effort to combat methamphetamine abuse…blah blah blah”

What he should say is:

“I’m running for Congress and my goal is to regulate Americans until they fall to their knees begging for mercy. God help that mother who is trying to buy medicine for her child. And, the man who wants to buy those super size French fries, forget it. Just wait for the Fast Food tax of 2007.

Where will this end? What happened to personal responsibility and common sense?

All I wanted to do was buy Infant Cold Drops. What I came home with was the medicine and an enormous grudge.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Open Letter to Vogue...

Jamie Pallott
Vogue Magazine
4 Times Square
NY, NY 10036

I am writing regarding your July 2006 article entitled “Our Bodies Herself: the Abortion Battle’s Fearless Warrior”. As a feminist I am all for honoring women who make a difference in our society. I am, however, disappointed with the intellectual dishonesty in this article.

If it was an honest article then Cecile Richards may have discussed the risks of abortion. She may have mentioned that the controversial issue of abortion is not viewed by all as a religious one. For many of us it is about protecting women, born and unborn.

What exactly is she a warrior for?

The physical dangers to women, as a result of abortion, include: uterine perforations, cervical damage, infection (including pelvic inflammatory disease), excessive bleeding, endotoxic shock, fever, hemorrhaging, possible future miscarriage, infertility, ectopic pregnancy and labor complications (a women who has an abortion is 3 times more likely to have complications) and sadly even death.

The mental dangers to women who procure an abortion include: depression, increase in abuse of drugs and alcohol, post traumatic stress disorder (often called Post Abortion Syndrome), feelings of guilt, relationship difficulties and suicidal attempts or successful suiciding. Studies have showed that a woman who has had an abortion is 6 times more likely to consider or attempt suicide.

If Vogue would really like to challenge itself, it may consider interviewing women who are actually willing to talk about their abortion experiences. Women deserve to know all the facts about this issue and your article did not tell the whole story.

I consider myself a warrior in the abortion battle too. I will fight to inform women of the dangers of abortion. I will peacefully battle to ensure that every life is protected, born or unborn.