Saturday, June 18, 2005

Happy Father's Day

It is Father’s Day.

I have a wonderful father.

My first memory of my father is resting my head on his tummy while we watched Sesame Street together. I remembered that, when he laughed with me, my head would bounce up and down which would make me laugh even more.

I am thankful to him for so many reasons. Many of which I probably don’t say often enough. Today I want to honor him and let him know why I am thankful for him.

When Daddy laughs, he turns beet red and laughs showing his mouthful of teeth, barely able to catch his breath.

Daddy taught me how to use tools. All those weekends of: “Hey, Lynn, come over here and hold this (ladder, nail, hammer, etc.).” It paid off; I am quite the Mrs. Fix-it around the house.

My Dad told me to listen to my mother. I understand now, as a mother, why this was so important. My parents were a united front.

All the boyfriends my Dad told me weren’t good enough, well he was right. They weren’t good enough. And when the one came around who was good enough, he supported me and walked me down the aisle.

I am thankful my father was a soldier. I know that he loved his family (even though we weren’t born yet) so much that he wanted to defend freedom even if that meant risking his health and life.

I have said harsh words to my father, and I am thankful that he forgave me. He has taught me forgiveness many, many times.

I have known a comfortable life. My father taught me a work ethic. He worked non stop for the good of his family. Long business trips, family moves and late nights all showed us he was willing to sacrifice so much for us.

He let me make mistakes. These lessons were bittersweet for me. For him, they must have been heartbreaking.

Even though my mom (and most women by their nature) was more involved in our spiritual training, I know my Dad felt this was so important. I am grateful for this gift of Faith.

It wasn’t until the last few years that I have seen my father in a very special light. I not only see him just as a father, but as a man: A devoted husband, father, son, uncle, brother, friend, veteran, and father-in-law.

For him I thank God. And I am thankful for my husband who embodies so many of the characteristics (as a father) that I love in my own Dad. Finally, I ask our Heavenly Father to continue to bless all those who have given the gift of life to children.

Happy Father’s Day.


Anonymous said...

Your Father is a lucky individual to have a daughter like you and others like you!


Catholic Mom said...

Thanks Dad. :)

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