Sunday, July 10, 2005

And They're Off...

Stephen started crawling.
I am trying to locate my roller-skates.

Oh good and gentle Jesus, please help me to keep up with my 7 month old son.

I never understood the phrase “Youth is wasted on the young”. Now, I’m starting to understand a bit more.

Isabella jumped on my back and all I could hear was a loud “Ouff!” Then, I realized it came out of my own mouth. I used to be able to handle kiddos climbing on me like monkeys on a tree. Sure, they can still do it but I will be hooked up to a morphine drip the next morning to dull the pain.

Still, I am so grateful to God for allowing me to be aware of my changing body.

Yes, I am not a size 8 anymore. No, I can’t eat pints of ice cream without consequences. I now buy the value size bottles of Tylenol, mostly because Isabella plays her Princess Tea cassette tape over and over and over and over again. I get somewhat winded when I am carrying a basket of laundry up the stairs.

What does this all mean? I think it is God’s way of telling me “Hey Lynn, you’re an adult now.” And, quite frankly, it has put a bit of pressure on me to take better care of myself. (Heck, I just bought moisturizer with SPF in it for the first time. Of course I didn’t care about wrinkles 10 years ago; I wouldn’t have guessed that at some point they would actually appear!)

It isn’t about vanity though. It is about keeping up with the pace of my family. It would be easy to take naps and take the easy way out by WATCHING the kids have fun. And to be honest, I want to have fun WITH them.

For now I will have to start with roller-skating, it is the only way to keep up with a 3 year old and a crawling baby.

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