Thursday, July 07, 2005

A Letter to London

Upon hearing the news of your great tragedy, we offer our condolences.

It is hard to believe it has been almost 4 years since our own country was struck with fear and tragedy. Our countrymen came together with great compassion for its fellow citizens while reflecting on hope in the midst of such horror.

The war on terrorism is far from over. Our enemy is intent on striking fear and harm on those who cherish freedom and goodness. They hate us and they hate our God.

Let us not respond with hate but love and justice.

What will make them even more frustrated?
They will see neighbors helping neighbors.
They will see men and women kneeling in prayer and gratitude for the lives that have been spared and praying for the souls that have been taken.
Politicians will put aside differences to combat the common evil and celebrate the common good.

Please do not feel we Americans are indifferent. It is not sympathy we feel, but empathy. We know the sorrow and fear you experienced on this day. We wish to offer you our prayers and condolences, as well as the hope that good will always overcome evil.

May God bless you, your governmental leaders and we pray that you find comfort in Christ’s Merciful heart.

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P.M. said...

The Londoners road the bus on Friday and I admired their courage. It seems that the city people have more courage than the country girl. I will remember that.

Thursday was Greg's birthday; 9/11 was Joel's birthday; Operation Dessert Storm started on Dad's birthday.

Whatever comes my way, on whatever day, please let me deal with it as she said - looking to You and remembering that you are Above All.