Monday, July 17, 2006

Have kids, will travel…

I have been neglecting my blogging. Actually, I didn’t think anyone read it until Marc and I took the kiddos to visit some dear friends. It was then that I was gently scolded (though not so subtlety) that I have not posted in months.

The past is the past so instead of trying to catch up on everything that has happened, I will start fresh…tomorrow.

Our four day family vacation to Youngstown, Ohio and Pittsburgh, PA was so much fun but completely exhausting. Luckily for us, Isabella kept the “Are we there yets” to a minimum and Stephen slept enough for us to have some quiet in the car.

We went to the Zoo and Aquarium, went swimming at the hotels everyday, ate out daily (which we aren’t going to do for months!) and visited with our dear friends and family whom we have missed so dearly.

When we got back to the house it was 87 degrees inside and the air conditioning isn’t making a dent in our humid abode. I feel like we are in some kind of tropical rainforest, minus the cool monkeys and colorful birds.

So tomorrow I will write more about our adventures but first we need to recover from our road trip!

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yeah, it's about time!