Monday, July 31, 2006

My Friend is Having a Baby!

I don’t think there is anything as exciting as having someone you love tell you they are going to have their first baby. (Of course, if they tell you it is their second, third, fourth, etc., it is also great news!)

Tonight, one of my best friends told me she is pregnant and I couldn’t be happier for her and her husband. As she told me her eyes sparkled and she glowed. She expressed her excitement and nervousness. Tales of her early food cravings and aversions took up most of our conversation. She ordered a large ice cream at the restaurant (Banana ice cream with peanut butter cups) and then ordered a pint of the same to take home with her. It made me so happy to watch her providing so much calcium for her little baby, only 8 weeks along.

I have never seen her so happy, well, maybe on her wedding day. I couldn't stop thinking about what an amazing mother she will make. Her patience and love will go far while taking care of her newborn. Her joy and silliness will bring laughter in the home as new parents play with a new baby. It is obvious that the love her and her husband share will provide a secure and happy home.

Too often we celebrate things which can be bought: A home, car, a vacation… While some things are wonderful and many times earned, it can not compare to the moment that you find out you are expecting a baby.

I ask you to pray for my friend and her hubby as they extend their family to include a child. Nothing can compare with the joy of a new life!

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