Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Ad Torture...

Yes, it must be the week before elections.

I have some advice for those running for office...your last minute barrage of television/radio/print advertisements are useless. If anything, I like you less BECAUSE of your constant whining, bullying and name calling.

Is it really necessary to run an ad during Blues Clues? Must I constantly get phone calls at home of recorded voices telling me about the urgent state of our county/state/country?

I have done my research, months and weeks ago.
I already know who I am voting for.

And you know who you are.

If you protect the life of the unborn, I support you.
If you work for peace but also the protection of our country and its borders, I support you.
If you look to advance science and support bills which will not kill an innocent human life, then I am on your side.

If, however, you use scare tactics to win an office I have already shut you out.
If you seek to demonize those who fight for our country or to glamorize terrorist propaganda then you will not have my vote.
If you seek to force your view of morality on me and threaten my expression of Faith I will kindly close the door on you.
If you use a woman’s “choice” as an excuse to kill the unborn then I am deaf to you.

May God Bless those who want to serve our country with integrity and respect for those in all life stages.

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