Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I'm still here...

Boy, the days just slip by don't they?

I was ready to go to bed and I thought "Hey, I haven't written on my blog in a while!"

It is almost 1:00AM and I should be in bed. The smart thing would be to go to bed. But here I am.

I just got done washing my floor and cleaning the downstairs. I wish I could find time during the day to do that but it is hard when you have two monkeys leaving trails of toys, cheerios and sippy cups behind them.

There is something peaceful about cleaning late at night. Despite being exhausted from the late night, I usually wake up feeling good that I am starting a new day with a sparkling downstairs. Of course, it will last through the first half of Blues Clues. Sigh...

I can not complain though. All in all I have got it pretty darn good. The holidays were wonderful and we made some fantastic memories as a family. It was a Christmas I will never forget. We are now in the midst of a "cold snap", which is an understatement, and we have had to be creative because the kids just can't play when it feels like -15 degrees outside. Isabella has a "snow" day tomorrow. Really it is just because of dangerous wind chills.

I should rest up. Something tells me I will have a very busy day when I awake.

So, I will end my long day thanking God for my family and friends. I have no idea what tomorrow will hold. But as long as I wake with a happy family and a clean kitchen floor, I think the day will turn out just fine.


Anonymous said...

Oh Good, you are back!!

Catholic Mom said...

Nice to know I am missed.

Though the poster is probably a member of my own family! :o)