Wednesday, March 07, 2007

My Prayers for Today...

Dear God,

Please allow my 2 year old son to stop licking the kitchen floor, or at least wait until I wash it.

Please help me to remember to move the kid’s trains from the top of the stairs...for obvious reasons.

Please help me to put in a new roll of toilet paper before I go to bed so I am not "stuck" at 2AM.

Please help not to drop my stack of mail in the snow slush again tomorrow.

Please provide some adult conversation so I don't have "The Wiggles" theme song in my head for the majority of the day.

Please help my daughter learn that cleaning her room does not consist of throwing items behind furniture.

Please guide family members that slushy boots should not be thrown on my good black pumps.

Please help my children understand that shoving small Lego pieces in my snow boots is not funny.

Please help the drug companies understand that “child-safe” caps are not funny for many of us adults.

Please help me to remember not to leave my glasses anywhere near a tube of petroleum jelly with children around.

If all else fails, please grace me with patience, love, understanding and great fortitude.



DH said...

You never mentioned anything about boots/pumps, but then I suppose I could have known that.

Lee Strong said...