Thursday, February 15, 2007


Okay, if you haven't heard, there is a recall on Peter Pan Peanut Butter with product codes starting with 2111.
Link to story

My son is at the doctor right now because:

1. We have that particular lot number on our jar.
2. He has been the sole eater of this PB the last week and a half
3. He has been sick with Diarrhea and vomiting for the last 5 days, since we opened the jar.

So, what we thought may be a stomach bug may be Salmonella which I pray he does not have.

If you have this peanut butter take it back to the store. If your child is sick and has eaten this, please go to the doctor right away.

Will I ever buy this brand again? Probably not. The sight of my 2 year old this sick will always remind me of Peter Pan brand. Whether he has salmonella or not, I would rather never risk it again.


Anonymous said...

Why in the WORLD would you ever wait FIVE DAYS to take your two year old into the doctor??!!! That is WAAAAAY too long to wait sister!

I hope he's ok.

Catholic Mom said...

Well, ACTUALLY, we didn't take him to the doctor for 5 days BUT we have been in touch with the doctor's office for several days about it.

Pointing the finger at my parenting skills are we? I assure you, the little guy has not been neglected.

Lee Strong said...

I hope he's okay. I've had to deal with various allergies in my daughters over the years - imagine a chocolate allergy!

Anonymous said...

don't worry mama, I'm sure he'll be ok. And don't worry about the anon person, waiting five days isn't neglect anyway. Some of us parents that have more than one kid don't freak out and go running for the docs each and every sniffle or night of puking. Good luck and I hope he's feeling better soon! T (Clanclave on