Tuesday, March 04, 2008

One of My Favorite Photos...

This is one of my favorite photographs. It reminds me of all the special moments that my little girl and I share together. Her innocence and joy puts my day in perspective. In a world where negativity is revered, she reminds me of hope and God’s love.

I love looking at her when she has no idea I am there. Sometimes she sits and reads and other times she is drawing fanciful tales of ice skating fairies. She is 6 but is determined to become an author and illustrator. (At 6 years old I didn’t know what an illustrator was.) She hugs her brother even when she doesn’t think I am watching and playfully hides under the table when it is time for a bath.

At night she climbs into our bed, knowing it only takes the mention of a cuddle to convince me to stop what I am doing. There she asks me of my favorite food, book and where I would like to travel. We play the “Which One” game: Which one would you rather be: A monkey or a dog? Which would you rather do: Swim like a dolphin or fly like a bird?

There are days when it seems so difficult, just to get through the daily grind. But then there are days when it is truly fun to be a parent. I am a blessed Mom.

This photo was taken by a wonderful couple who live in Utah.
Their website is

(By the way, her two front teeth are now gone! Both were lost the week of Christmas.)

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