Friday, August 08, 2008

Olympics 2008...

My 6 year old begged us to watch the opening of the Olympics in Beijing.
We sat in front of the television and stared at the pageantry involved in the opening ceremonies.

We marveled at the Chinese children carrying the Chinese flag into the stadium. Well I did until the children handed it off to the soldiers who took it with robotic precision and expressionless faces. This is the China I think of and it makes me sad, deeply sad, to the bottom of my soul.

To me this simple action, children handing the flag to the military represented to me the children that are systematically killed / prevented by the Communist government of China. And I can’t bear to think of all the couples who are forcibly sterilized due to their one child per family laws.

While others may be able to celebrate the Olympics being held in China, I just can’t.
I can’t ignore the genocide just to acknowledge athletes…it is just too heartbreaking.

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Lee Strong said...

We are boycotting the Olympics because of the brutality of the regime - the abortions, the treatment of prisoners, the repression of speech and religious practices, and so on. So if we are flipping through the dials and come across Olympic coverage, we continue flipping.