Saturday, April 23, 2005

Looking for a Mom(ent) of Truth

The truth of the matter is that I love the Catholic Church. I love the Father, Son and Holy Spirit with my whole heart. However, in my vocation as a wife and mother it seems that I do not get to discuss the faith with many people in the way my heart yearns to. I have two children and loving husband. That requires me to do a lot of tasks which may not require a lot of brain power: changing diapers, windexing my perpetually streaked windows and laundry...endless loads of laundry...

There are so many issues pertaining to the Church, Catholic families and society these days. And frankly I am a little cranky about the bad press the Church gets. If you want to hear about how miserable the Catholic Church is, well, you may want to go elsewhere. If you want to read the ramblings of a joyful mom who is rediscovering the beauty of her faith and tradition, well read on.

So my goal is to discuss the Church, the vocation of being a Catholic mom, children, marriage, feminism. At this point hundreds of topics come to mind.

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Anonymous said...

The parents who use the crying room for a social club go hand in hand with the parents who decide to feed their children a 7 course Sunday Brunch of Cheerios, granola bars, animal crackers, Cheez It's, Oyster Crackers, Fruit snacks and juice/or milk. I can understand having one snack packed in your diaper bag for emergencies (your toddler just for the life of him(her)self can't stop wiggling or whining (no matter how hard they try) or the poor dear is just really, really, really and truly just hungry. However, I have actually heard mothers (and fathers alike) bring out a couple of snack bags of food and whisper "Okay sweetie, it's time for breakfast". I wonder what the parish priests would say if they knew the church was having a weekly brunch at everyone else’s spiritual expense. Hey! there's a money maker for the church. For every child that gobbles his breakfast in church, an extra $2.00 goes in the collection, just as if a pancake breakfast ticket were purchased.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I think you've just created a great support group for us Moms! Thanks for taking serious moments & making one smile...& sprinkling some words of wisdom by quoting scripture which we all need in our daily lives. I think I found a new friend in this site.

Anonymous said...

You just keep on impressing me, Lynn. This is very good, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I want to hear about the re-discovering faith part. When did it start, when did it stall, when did it start again?

Love and hugs,
Protestant Mom