Saturday, April 30, 2005

My letter to the Editor

A letter to the Editor of a local paper...
Joyful, not wary, over Benedict XVI
Democrat and Chronicle, Saturday April 30, 2005

Regarding Denise-Marie Santiago's April 22 column, "Some women feel deep wariness toward pope":

Count me among the millions of women who are not only not wary of the election of Benedict XVI, but joyful as well. He is now the leader of the church I love, and I believe he must be given the respect that is due.

I am concerned about the characterization that the pope, in some way, has the power or the intention to change Catholic Church teaching.

It is truly unfortunate that the writer has acquaintances who feel slighted by the church. However, while the needs of society are many, we may find comfort in the Catholic Church's ministering to those in need, while doing so in a manner that does not undermine the laws that Christ set forth.

I, too, pray that Pope Benedict XVI may be a uniting force in the church. However, unlike Ms. Santiago, I will not choose which areas of the church I wish to be addressed. I will leave that up to the Holy Spirit.


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