Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Open Letter to Vogue...

Jamie Pallott
Vogue Magazine
4 Times Square
NY, NY 10036

I am writing regarding your July 2006 article entitled “Our Bodies Herself: the Abortion Battle’s Fearless Warrior”. As a feminist I am all for honoring women who make a difference in our society. I am, however, disappointed with the intellectual dishonesty in this article.

If it was an honest article then Cecile Richards may have discussed the risks of abortion. She may have mentioned that the controversial issue of abortion is not viewed by all as a religious one. For many of us it is about protecting women, born and unborn.

What exactly is she a warrior for?

The physical dangers to women, as a result of abortion, include: uterine perforations, cervical damage, infection (including pelvic inflammatory disease), excessive bleeding, endotoxic shock, fever, hemorrhaging, possible future miscarriage, infertility, ectopic pregnancy and labor complications (a women who has an abortion is 3 times more likely to have complications) and sadly even death.

The mental dangers to women who procure an abortion include: depression, increase in abuse of drugs and alcohol, post traumatic stress disorder (often called Post Abortion Syndrome), feelings of guilt, relationship difficulties and suicidal attempts or successful suiciding. Studies have showed that a woman who has had an abortion is 6 times more likely to consider or attempt suicide.

If Vogue would really like to challenge itself, it may consider interviewing women who are actually willing to talk about their abortion experiences. Women deserve to know all the facts about this issue and your article did not tell the whole story.

I consider myself a warrior in the abortion battle too. I will fight to inform women of the dangers of abortion. I will peacefully battle to ensure that every life is protected, born or unborn.


Anonymous said...

You go sister!!! If more people would write to these people and request the truth, perhaps one day we will actually get it. For years, I have been frustrated while reading articles on abortion, because they are always one sided. The same people who claim they are educating women on how to take care of their bodies, are lying by ommission, as they never give the full truth. As far as I'm concerned, for decades, Vogue has been a celebrated FASHION magazine, and I have no idea why they feel they should write about such issues...When I read Vogue I want to hear about designers and what the latest trends are, not some random journalists' view on the abortion issue. Shouldn't that be left to other "high quality" publications like Cosmo or some other "women's health" magazine?
I'm happy to hear that you have once again, stood up for the unborn.

John said...

The best part about the article is that the two-page spread featuring Richards also shows five toddlers -- none of whom is smiling.

They know a puff piece when they see one.