Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Out of This World...

Black and white...I am covered in paint.
No, I am not painting my walls.
No, I am not painting my house or the shutters.
I am not even finger-painting with the kids.
I am building a rocket ship.

Isabella's fifth birthday is next week.
Did she choose a Princess Party? Nope. (Much to my pleasure, as I am sick of the Disney Princesses.)
She didn't want Disney, Curious George or any other character themed party.
Isabella wanted a Planet party. No, not a Space party. A PLANET party.
So, for the last 3 weeks I have been searching for all things planets:
Glow in the dark solar systems, check.
Planet pencils, check.
Pin the planet to the solar system game (my own idea), check.
Cut outs of plants for the walls, for decorations, check.

Even though I have searched and searched for all things "Planet" I have made an executive decision to branch out and include other aspects of our vast universe. Rocket ships, three legged alien races and a big moon cake are a few things I have come up with.

Seeing as though I don't have enough to do, I decided to make a rocket ship. That’s right, a huge cardboard craft that the kids can play inside and get their pictures taken in. I thought it would be easy as pie.

Have you tried to build one?

The reason I am writing this in my blog is that I realized, while painting, that I get just as excited about birthdays as my daughter does. I get to go all out for her special day. After all, you only turn five once. As much as I complain about all there is to do, it is important to me to do these special things for my children.

So, next Wednesday I will have 10 guests over to celebrate the birth of my little girl. My little five year old who will be entering Kindergarten next month. It will be fun and exhausting and incredibly loud!

I wouldn't miss one moment of it. Not for all the stars in the sky!

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Hubby said...

Are you kidding? After the princess disaster last year, something "unisex" was an absolute joy.