Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Faith through Art

I received a print of a beautiful oil painting by Sr. Mary Grace Thul, O.P. called “St Dominic and Our Lady ”.
It is a beautiful image of Mary holding baby Jesus in her left arm and together they are draping a rosary on St. Dominic, who is kneeling at the foot of them.

I have it resting on top of my desk and look at it frequently.

At times I imagine myself kneeling where St. Dominic is. I can almost feel Mary’s garment against my back and the rosary beads gently grazing me. Am I worthy of such attention by Christ and his mother? There are moments where I contemplate my sinfulness and think “No”. But then I picture myself walking in the footsteps of St. Dominic and know that I am called to the Third Order. I am not without sin but rather I strive to be without sin and walk in the way of the Dominicans so that I can better serve God.

In this image I see the rosary as a reminder of the prayer life in which I am called to have. The nurturing nature of Mother Mary reminds me that I am constantly under her protection. Seeing the Christ child allows me to contemplate Christ’s life from birth and how I must work to have the innocence of a child. And St. Dominic represents my calling to preach and study in order to better serve God.

It is amazing how one image can lead you understand your role in the Church.

Thank you Sr. Mary Grace Thul, O.P.

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