Monday, October 03, 2005

I hope you know what you are doing Mr. President...

Harriet Miers. Who exactly is Harriet Miers?

One thing is certain, no one can put her in one category, and that is exactly why President Bush has nominated her for the Supreme Court. How can you be against a judge when 1) They have never been a judge and 2) They have no rulings to examine?

One thing is certain; the Republicans have the opportunity to nominate a justice who was conservative. With the issues surrounding our increasing “culture of death” these nominations are of prime importance. We have the opportunity to protect the innocent from Abortion, Euthanasia and Embryonic stem cell research. We also have the opportunity to keep justices from legislating from the bench.

There is hope. Leonard Leo, of the Federalist Society states that "She has been a forceful advocate of conservative legal principles and judicial restraint throughout her career." I certainly hope so.

I have faith in the Constitution of the United States of America. Why? The men who wrote it had God in mind and those principles, if interpreted in a fair and non-partisan manner, will win out in the end.

Hopefully, that will mean protection for the innocent and keep us protected from left wing pandering to social extremist groups.

President Bush, I pray for you. I hope you know what you are doing.


Anne said...

I'm with you. I sure hope Mr. Bush knows what he's doing. It is a little scary though, not knowing this nominees stand on such important issues as abortion, embryonic stem cell research, etc.

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