Sunday, October 02, 2005

A Healthy Addiction?

Hi, my name is "Mom for Truth" and I have an addiction. (All: Hi Mom!)

It is sad to say, but true. It is called the Catholic Answers Forums.

I wake up in the morning and I realize it is time to check the forum. My palms sweat and my heart races, as I quietly make my way to my computer. I think to myself “Did anyone respond to my post while I was sleeping?”

What is Catholic Answers Forum you ask? Imagine an online Catholic Community and that is what it is. You can learn all about our faith, what we believe, why we practice, etc. We discuss secular news from our Christian perspective. We hang out in the “Water Cooler” and discuss who our favorite Saint is or maybe play a “virtual scavenger hunt” game. We discuss apologetics, Moral Theology, Liturgy and the Sacraments and Biblical texts. You can ask questions or post your answer. One of my favorite forums is the Family Life thread. You can discuss ways to help raise your kids or how to keep sane as a Stay at Home Mom.

Why is this forum so important to me? I have many reasons but my biggest is that I love the thought of being actively involved in a Catholic community which discusses issues pertaining to the Church and how it can be applied to my daily life. I don’t have all the answers, but many of the members offer very good advice. In addition to personal experiences from forum members there are professional apologists and clergy who can answer questions with the knowledge that we need to keep us on the right path. Thankfully there are also staff members who moderate the forums so no inappropriate discussions take place. They will even warn people if the conversations get a little too heated or uncharitable. These moderators or as I call them “The forum conscience” will lock threads if they get out of hand. It is like having Mom or Dad there to protect their children from getting into trouble.

Veritas. Truth. That is the motto I try to live by. I find that on the forum. I also find the opportunity to minister to those who are suffering or need advice. (Warning-free advice is sometimes worth what you pay for it.) But I have also learned humility by reading posts of those who are struggling. And a lot of the time I find joyful conversation with those who read the same books as I do, need advice of how to handle finances or want to just chat with a fellow Christians.

So is Catholic Forums right for you?

Yes. It is open to everyone, of all religious backgrounds. We just ask that you are charitable toward other members.

And did I mention it is free? Yes, there is no cost, no obligation.

You will make friends with members from all over the world. People are honest and have what is best for your soul in mind, so don’t be surprised if you face the truth and it is difficult. But isn’t that part of the journey?

But I will make one warning: It is addictive. After 48 hours without Catholic Answers Forums you may develop nausea, shakiness, heart palpitations and dry mouth.

The Truth is addictive; once you get a taste you will want more.

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Anne said...

I also frequent the forums. They are great. I have yet to find any other internet Catholic forum that has such a diverse array of topics or such a large readership.

Austrianbumb said...

I am also a FREQUENT visitor of the Forums. While I find them totally interesting I am a bit put off by some "Catholic's" (please note not directed at you) who feel it is a wonderful site to BASH everyone that does not believe them.
Also I am a bit amazed at some of the things people would think these people did not have a brain in their head and relied on people to tell them what to do...