Saturday, October 01, 2005

SPAM-Not just for dinner anymore...

Well, the devil is at work yet again.

Somehow my blog has some visitors who decide to leave graphic links in the feedback section. I will try to monitor this as closely as I can, and delete the offending post. However, in the mean time, please do not click any links from those who leave feedback. Usually it is a pretty general response.

Why do people, via computers or too much time on their hands, feel they need to mess with the souls of people who come to visit my site? Seriously, if we wanted sinful sites I am sure we can find them, we don't need them shoved in our face.

So there it is. I think I need to write more on my blog, I sense I am ready tio hop on my computer a bit more for a little journaling on life. In the meantime...


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